The best Bluetooth speakers in Australia: Pros and Cons in 2021

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We are going to compare the best wire speaker and the best Bluetooth speakers in Australia. All different speakers we test these days are ‘wireless’ speakers, which means they can connect to your devices, such as your smartphone, wirelessly. If you’re used to attaching your speakers via a wire or are looking to further your understanding of the finest ways to connect up your speakers, we strength out the details.

Bluetooth speakers in Australia can be a complicating term – it doesn’t denote the speaker has no wires at all. For example, all home wireless speakers will have a wire joining the speaker to the mains for power, and most moveable models currently need you to plug in a cable to charge them when their built-in rechargeable batteries are exhausted.

In inclusion, many wireless speakers contain a ‘line in’ socket, also known as “AUX”, which allows you to attach your wireless speaker to your audio origin via a cable if you want. This is specifically useful for joining older non-wireless devices such as your old record player or CD player to your Bluetooth speakers in Australia.

As an outcome, if you go for one of these models then have an aux-in – usual even in many quota wireless speakers – you don’t require to select between buying a wired or wireless speaker – you could get one that can do both.

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A wireless speaker directly means it has the ability to attach to your devices wirelessly, not necessarily that this is the only path it can attach to your devices. So, with numerous models, the option of whether to attach wirelessly is upon you.

Pros: No filthy cables lying around, no working out which cable be of the right shape and size for in each slot. You no longer take any perceptible hit to sound quality by connecting wirelessly with fine wireless speakers.

Cons: There may be unusual wireless connection dropouts or interference in some region, setting up the wireless connection is usually simple but needs learning when doing it for the first time (most speakers will automatically re-join thereafter), wireless connections absorb battery power on connected portable devices such as your smartphone.

Do all Bluetooth speakers in Australia attach in the same way?

No. There are two chief types of wireless technology, Bluetooth and wi-fi.

Bluetooth Device

This is close-field communication technology that permits you to attach, or ‘pair’, two devices over a close distance – typically up to 10 meters apart, despite the fact that it can be further. You will need to make sure your speaker is in Bluetooth speakers in Australia pairing mode (often switched on by holding down its Bluetooth pairing button), and then discover and tap on the speaker in the Bluetooth settings tariff in the settings on your smartphone or other devices to attach.


Pros: Often not difficult to set up. Numerous modern devices support Bluetooth, you don’t require an internet connection or wi-fi signal.

Cons: Not a lot. The sound standard can be excellent via Bluetooth, but for those looking for the very finest sound, a wi-fi connection can be a come into or be in contact with better, although Bluetooth speakers in Australia technology is now excellent and continuing to make better quickly, become or make less wide any remaining perceivable gap to wi-fi and wired links as well.

Wi-fi Device

This is the similar link you use to join your devices at home wirelessly to the internet, using an internet router or home hub. Different from Bluetooth speakers devices in Australia, there’s no limit to how adjacent your speaker needs to be to the audio origin, but both require to be linked to your wi-fi network. 


To link to your speaker in this way, occasionally you will require to turn the speaker on and find it in the wi-fi settings menu on your smartphone or an additional device (alike to Bluetooth speakers in Australia). On the other hand, setting up wi-fi is often finished via your speaker’s devoted app, which you install on your smartphone or an additional device.

Pros: Sound can be a come into or be in contact with better (in consequence some home wireless speakers only support wi-fi). linking via wi-fi can give you additional functionality, for example, access to music streaming favors such as Spotify (some needs a subscription), support for voice subordinates (such as Google Assistant on Android and Siri on Apple devices) to permit you to authorize your speaker with your voice alone and a lot of extra tasks.

Cons: Requires a wi-fi signal to exertion, so you can’t in fact use it while out and about (you could place up your smartphone as a wireless hotspot, but this will quickly eat into your mobile subscription’s data allocation). As an outcome, all moveable wireless speakers will carry Bluetooth. Not all wireless devices carry wi-fi.

NFC Device


Rearmost but not minimum, NFC (or close-field transmission) is a subset of Bluetooth link that further easily linking wirelessly. It means you don’t have to discover the wireless speaker in the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone or an additional device. As an alternative, you simply press lightly your smartphone or device against the NFC symbol on your NFC-supporting speaker to link automatically.  Not all Bluetooth speakers in Australia support NFC. Alike technology is available on other outcomes, such as wireless headphones & Bluetooth speakers in Australia radios.

Do all wireless speakers carry Bluetooth and wi-fi?

No. Some wireless speakers will carry only Bluetooth speaker in Australia, some only wi-fi, and some will support both. In exercise, you will often find you don’t require both, in spite of the fact that it can be good to have the option.

Moveable wireless speakers

All moveable models carry Bluetooth speakers in Australia. Some also support wi-fi, but the usefulness of wi-fi for portable speakers is restricted as you need to be in the span of a wi-fi signal.

Home wireless speakers

Numerous of these carries both Bluetooth speakers in Australia and wi-fi, in spite of the fact that some will only carry one or the other. If you have an option, you should select to link via wi-fi as sound quality can be slightly finer, in spite of the fact that both can be excellent.

Accounts that smart speakers, which have voice subordinates that permit you to restraint them with your voice alone, will always carry wi-fi, as voice assistants need an internet link to work. This also means that voice assistants in moveable models will only work to their full practically when in range of wi-fi.

Do you require to get new Bluetooth speakers in Australia to link wirelessly if you already have wired speakers?

No. If you already have a substantial set of wired speakers or have a home sound system you thought would last a period of ten years only for it to now seem dated in the wireless and online music services age, there’s no requirement to worry.

It’s been able to be done to generate fantastic-sounding speakers for decades – ones that can sound just as fine as numerous of our Finest Buy speakers.

Excluding at the very all end (audiophile and executive speakers), the point of modern speakers has generally been to bring fantastic sound to smaller and easier-to-use devices and to make better convenience through new ways of accessing your music.

So, if you require to upgrade your present wired speakers to the digital age, all you require is a simple and affordable Bluetooth speakers in Australia, which you can simply plug into your wired speakers to make them wireless. Then you’ll be able to link your traditional speakers to Bluetooth-enabled gadgets such as your smartphone.

You should be supposed to pay AUD $100 – 120 for a Bluetooth speakers in Australia. A lot like costly cables, you don’t get noticeably superior sound by paying anymore. Just note that some will also give you NFC carry by letting you tap your NFC device onto the adaptor for an immediate Bluetooth connection, which can make it even easier to link to your devices.

Whatever choice you make, note the kind of Bluetooth speakers in Australia the converter promises, such as ‘Bluetooth 5.0’. The elevated the Bluetooth number, the superior. As an outcome, be certain to get an adaptor released relatively recently to make certain you take advantage of the improved sound of the most recent Bluetooth standards. With the most recent standards, the difference in quality between Bluetooth, wi-fi and wired connections can now be exceedingly difficult, if not possible, to perceive.

What relationship should you go for to get audio excellence? Bluetooth speakers in Australia

It used to agree to receive knowledge that wired speaker connections offered finer sound. This was because it was much not difficult to transmit large amounts of electrical audio data down a wire than it was to transmit it wirelessly. More data means elevated sound fidelity – hence taller fidelity, or wired ‘hi-fi’ orders, where existing.

However, unless you’re consuming many hundreds of dollars on the most high-end audio arrangements money can buy (these speakers will be clearly marketed towards audiophiles or strain industry professionals) and using very high-grade audio recordings, wireless technology effectively now matches wired connections in the huge majority of use scenarios.

Any staying gap has narrowed to the tip where it has become extremely hard to notice the difference, smooth to trained ears. This is mostly true of wi-fi connections, which can hold a vast amount of electrical audio data – inside Which? reviews, this is why we experiment with wireless speakers over wi-fi where possible, so we can outcome them on the best possible sound they can make. 

However, the newest Bluetooth speakers in Australia standards (such as Bluetooth 5.0 and over) can hold a huge amount of data now as well. In tandem with this, make better wireless speaker design has also very much narrowed the opening to wired connections.

We’re assured that these days, flat those looking for audiophile-friendly high-end speakers will find the sound produced over wireless links acceptable.

What is far further important for sound quality is the grade of the speakers themselves, so make sure you examine out our wireless speaker reviews to make sure you get the finest-sounding wireless speaker feasible.

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